About R3

As a high-volume renovation specialist, R3 works with large multifamily owners to renovate entire apartment communities quickly and economically with minimum inconvenience to residents and staff. By selecting and using quality products, long-hold investors realize a savings through product longevity and reduced maintenance costs. Ultimately our finished projects achieve higher revenue through a more desirable and marketable asset.

Our Facilities

  • 30,000+ sq. ft. of warehouse, fabrication & showroom space centrally located in Irvine, California.
  • An efficient warehouse management system utilizing the latest in supply chain software
  • Modern CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision machining produces custom, high-quality cabinetry
  • A unique ‘Cube’ container delivery system (storage pods) for rapid and complete material shipments that aid in accelerating project timelines

Our Team

  • Specially trained, skilled and experienced in a wide spectrum of construction/renovation trades
  • A “resident-first” approach is instilled and practiced by all team members
  • Discerning of the challenges renovation projects bring to a community, the management team and its residents
  • Professional, efficient, clean and courteous technicians